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         For Cabinrtmakers, Builder and Handyman   

     The most economical way to build new cabinets     

             Imagine  You Design Today,
             And Ready to Assemble Tomorrow!

Whether your cabinet shops crafting custom kitchens or adding the finishing touch to drawer or other surface,CUT CABINETS will help you create design,machine it to your exact specifications, then prepare it for pick or ship it to your door ready to assemble. 

With our state of the art CNC machining  we work with tolerances and utizlize  joinery tehniques that are simply not possible with conventional machining.

CNC machining also offers better cost control becouse our customers know upfront what their material and machining costs will be. There are never any surprises or unexpected cost, allowing tight control over expenses. 

CNC machining also offers the precision required to ensure your product fit together perfectly,with all adjustable shelf's and hardware holes, drawer slide and hinge holes already in place.

PVC or Veneer Edging  to match materials will be applied on all parts to save your time and money.

There is no such thing as standard, we will produce cabinet parts to any size and any shapes on the working table 3600x1200mm. This is the only limit.

Add a bit more elegance to cabinets from our routed door collection and your joinery will look perfect at fraction of costs.

It Is so easy any one can make it and save time and money.            

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